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American Councils works exclusively with high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students. Alumni include heads of state, educators, entrepreneurs, and more. They are exemplary citizens of their countries and carry their positive experience of the U.S.—especially their host parent or family—throughout their lives. Learn more about some of our Featured Students below.

Growing up in a beautiful city in Armenia, Gagik describes himself as a friendly, ambitious, and energetic person. Playing and watching soccer are a few of his greatest passions, as well as practicing judo and weightlifting. Above all, though, Gagik likes to help others: “My favorite activity is volunteering because I help people! I’m very sociable and I have many friends.” Gagik and friends started a volunteer club where he visits orphanages and plays with children a couple of times a week.

Gagik is fearless when it comes to watching thrillers, including some of his favorites like Shutter Island and Seven. It’s no surprise that Stephen King is his favorite author. If you’re not into scary films, don’t worry! Gagik has a wide array of other interests, including writing for his school newspaper. “For the school newspaper, I write about inventions of the world, and about universities around the world.” When Gagik discovers a topic that interests him, he loves to dive deep into personal research. Most recently, he’s been reading up on 20th century history, trading, and finance.

Some of Gagik’s best qualities include his open-mindedness and curiosity to try new things. During his year in the U.S. he hopes to learn how to play a musical instrument and join a swim team, if given the chance. Gagik can’t wait to experience American culture with you and your family!

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