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American Councils works exclusively with high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students. Alumni include heads of state, educators, entrepreneurs, and more. They are exemplary citizens of their countries and carry their positive experience of the U.S.—especially their host parent or family—throughout their lives. Learn more about some of our Featured Students below.

    Whether he’s playing soccer or going for walks with friends or with his aunt’s dog, Eslam loves the outdoors. He is the goalkeeper on his soccer team, and he loves the sport because it inspires cooperation and collaboration. He says: “I get to play [soccer] with my friends and we enjoy ourselves a lot!” If he needs some alone time, Eslam will walk by himself and listen to music he feels “it helps me to relax and reenergize myself because music gives me positive energy.”

    Eslam also loves to exercise his brain, and he’s especially passionate about discussing global issues. He’s involved in both Model United Nations and Model Arab League; he even received an award for “Best Performer.” He also loves studying math and physics; combined with his interest in global issues, when he’s older Eslam hopes to become an engineer specializing in renewable energy.

    In the U.S., Eslam hopes to try new things like learning to play the piano, go skiing, or trying out for baseball, hockey, or football. Most importantly, though, he wants to learn from his new American family. He says: “I am interested in learning about different cultures as well as new people. I really hope to be an active member of your family!”

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