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American Councils works exclusively with high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students. Alumni include heads of state, educators, entrepreneurs, and more. They are exemplary citizens of their countries and carry their positive experience of the U.S.—especially their host parent or family—throughout their lives. Learn more about some of our Featured Students below.

If your family loves sports and staying active, Sanzhar from Kyrgyzstan will fit right in! Sanzhar’s favorite sport is football (soccer), which he loves to play with his friends or his little brother. He says: “Football teaches me to always be patient and to never give up.” Sanzhar is a midfielder on his team, which means he does a lot of running at practice. It’s a good thing he enjoys running, too! He understands the importance of keeping in shape to stay healthy and to help his football game.

When he’s not on the field, Sanzhar enjoys a variety of different activities. From playing the kormuz (a traditional instrument) to collecting Rubik’s cubs, Sanzhar is excited to share his hobbies with his new host family. He says: “All of my interests give me strength and inspiration. I also get great pleasure in reading classic books.” Sanzhar loves learning, and his current academic interests include reading about world history, diffferent cultures, literature, and physics.

Sanzhar’s academic curiosity will definitely help in his future career- he hopes to someday become a historian and a cultural expert.  He hopes to make documentary films about the history and culture of Kyrgyzstan in English, so the whole world can learn about his country. But, he’s happy to start by sharing his culture with his new family; he says: “If I am lucky to live with you I’ll be a worthy member of your family…see you soon!”

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