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We support high school (ages 15-17) scholarship students from more than 50 countries. While in the US, our students are proud to serve as citizen ambassadors for their respective countries. Upon returning home, they continue to carry their positive experiences of the US—especially their host communities—throughout their lives. 

Maksym is an optimistic and friendly young man from a small town in Ukraine. He describes it as “quiet, but so beautiful.” Maksym has a strong relationship with is family. Though his parents are now divorced, he loves them both very much and values their opinions. They provide a great deal of support to him which he is very thankful for.

He loves learning new things and is especially interested in reading about psychology. He strongly believes in self-development through challenging oneself: “I like challenges and I think it’s good for everyone. Every challenge will make us [more] successful.” One of Maksym’s other favorite hobbies is photography. He loves taking pictures of the beautiful landscapes of his country “because I like to create something beautiful with my hands.” He is interested in expanding his artistic interests by trying drama at his U.S. high school.

While in the U.S., Maksym wants to learn about American culture, traditions, and history. He would also like to meet new people and develop his leadership skills. Upon his return to Ukraine, he hopes to use his skills to better his country. Maksym is an ambitious young man who wants to not only work in the field of international relations, but also learn more about entrepreneurship so he can start his own business. Above all, he looks forward to the friendships, new skills, and challenges that await him during his FLEX year!

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