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Ana is imaginative and likes to “give new life to old things.” She enjoys organizing activities and communicating with people from different backgrounds. Ana regularly helps her younger brother with his homework and she often reads to him as well. She has a diverse group of friends, many of whom have different religious beliefs and customs from her own. She enjoys these friendships as they allow her to learn about new cultures and interesting points of view. Ana understands that hard work will allow her to achieve her goals, and she is always pursing new information and experiences. She is a very strong student with top grades in all of her classes. Ana feels strongly about protecting human rights and plans to pursue a career as a lawyer. She is the president of an environmental protection club at school, where she engages in debates about ecological issues. In this role, Ana has gained experience in public speaking and creating compelling presentations. She has a strong interest in art and is looking forward to attending art classes in the U.S. Ana also plans to volunteer while in the U.S. and participate in extracurricular activities at school. She can’t wait to “live in another family because it will be the best experience of my life.”   

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