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Do you like basketball? Elina loves to play and has participated in a number of basketball competitions! She travels to different cities for these competitions, which gives her the opportunity to see new places and make new friends. By playing basketball, Elina feels “strong, steady and self-organized.” She is very dedicated to staying healthy and fit, and would like to try skiing in the U.S. Elina says that ever since she was a child, she has been “sociable, purposeful, and curious.” In addition to her interest in sports and fitness, Elina has quite a creative side! She performs in school plays and writes poetry, and she has even participated in some poetry competitions at her school. When she is not reading poems, Elina enjoys detective novels and comedies. Another talent Elina possesses is drawing. Her friends and family often compliment her on her work. For those who have a sweet tooth, Elina likes to bake cakes, pies, and bread puddings!  Elina is excited to learn about American customs and traditions, and she hopes to later share her new understanding of the U.S. with her friends, teachers, and family members in Kazakhstan.

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