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Mane is an open-minded, friendly, and hardworking student who is excited to learn about American culture and make new friends in the U.S. She is comfortable accepting a leadership role at school and responsibility at home. Mane helps with some of the cleaning responsibilities around her house, and she enjoys spending time with her younger brother. Do you have any film buffs in your family? Mane would fit right in, since she is very interested in American films and wants to become a filmmaker one day. Mane has many friends, and they describe her as “faithful.” They always feel as though they can trust her. Mane is very active in volunteering in her community, often completing projects with her friends. She feels volunteering helps her develop as a person, and she engages in volunteer projects “with the best of intentions, moved by passion, love, and service.” Always looking to learn something new, Mane engages in a variety of activities such as studying German, and exploring technology and art through digital media. Also, although she says she doesn’t do it well, Mane enjoys drawing as she feels it is a way for her to put her “thoughts to paper and to the world.”

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