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If you fall and scrape your knee, Aisha will surely be there with a bandage ready to assist you! This altruistic young girl likes “helping and treating people who are suffering.” In the future, she hopes to study to become a doctor, a profession in great demand in Tanzania, so as to “help those who are in need.” In order to achieve such admirable goals, Aisha spends a great deal of time working to broaden her mind. One of her favorite ways to expand her knowledge is by participating in various clubs, including her school’s debate club, which Aisha herself founded. She can also often be found curled up with a good book. If your family is filled with fans of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, then hosting Aisha will simply add one more Potterhead to your house! Coming from a large family of seven, Aisha is accustomed to lending a hand around the house by assisting her younger siblings with homework, tidying up her home, and even helping her mother make dinner. Definitely be sure to ask Aisha to show you a few traditional Tanzanian recipes! Aisha wants her future host family to know that she is “really excited to reach out to people of different cultures, religions, and ethnic groups and can’t wait to learn more things about the United States of America and to share many things about Tanzania with you!”

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