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Meet Bassie from Liberia! An enthusiastic and engaged changemaker, Bassie is involved with a number of meaningful clubs and groups in her community. She contributes to her local Youth Advisory Board, and is a member of the United Students Council at her school. Above all, she takes pride in being an active member of the Child Protection Club. In the future, she aspires to become a lawyer so she can help others receive justice and fight for their rights. In her free time, Bassie enjoys playing a friendly game of kickball with her peers and listening to her favorite music. She often visits the library after school to relax and get lost in a good book. Maintaining good grades is important to Bassie, and last year she received an academic award for her high GPA. Bassie is excited to try new activities while in the U.S. Perhaps she will star in a high school musical or play, as she already enjoys taking monthly drama lessons in Liberia. Bassie extends a huge thank you to her host family in advance and shares “I hope that we will live together as a true family!”

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