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When you invite Bunafsha to stay in your home, you will be welcoming a passionate and determined young woman into your family. She asserts, “I believe it is my nature to help people,” and helping people is precisely what she does. Bunafsha has been involved in several civil organizations, has led community projects, and has even travelled abroad to participate in an international service program. Her experience with these programs has inspired her to pursue a career in social work in the future. She wants to “support people, to work for social justice, and to make a positive difference in Tajikistan.” When she isn’t dedicating her time to helping those less fortunate, you can find Bunafsha bobbing her head, tapping her foot, or dancing around to her newest favorite song. According to Bunafsha, “music is the key to happiness.” It helps her to relax, gives her energy, and keeps her focused while she studies. Bunafsha wants her future host family to know that she “would love to share with you more about my background, culture, and beliefs, as well as learn about your life, beliefs, and values. I believe being a member of your family will foster positive feelings and be a memorable experience!”

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