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Do you love the smell of home cooking? If so, you will definitely enjoy meeting Farhunda! Though she hopes to become a translator in the future, her family believes her cooking is so fabulous that she could open a restaurant. Farhunda especially likes cooking because food has the ability to bring people together. Every week her family and neighbors gather to share a traditional meal, catch up with one another, and even sing and dance. Farhunda is very much looking forward to sharing similar traditions with her future host family in the United States. She wants her host family to know that she “hopes we will become really close to each other and will be like a family forever!” Farhunda’s creativity doesn’t just extend to cooking- she is also a talented artist who likes to draw and paint. When she isn’t cleaning paint or graphite off her fingers, Farhunda can be found with a volleyball in hand. Farhunda lists volleyball as her favorite sport because it has allowed her to meet friends and makes her feel energized. This polite and enthusiastic young girl closes her letter with gratitude towards her future family: “I am so thankful that you are going to host me for a year!”

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