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Lea is a creative, open-minded, and active teenager with “big dreams and high hopes.” She is excited to try new things and appreciates that people learn from their mistakes. Lea is not afraid to stand out in a crowd, and often expresses herself through her art and sense of fashion. She is known for her unique shoe styles! Lea has many interests and is engaged in a number of activities that support different causes. Lea believes in “equality and knowledge,” and wants her “words and messages to be heard.” Does your family include any animal lovers? Both Lea and her parents share a passion for animals. They have adopted seven dogs, and have had cats, turtles, fish, and even a guinea pig for pets in the past! Lea volunteers at an animal shelter and as a summer camp counselor for an environmental organization. She would like to volunteer while in the U.S. and also learn about our national parks. Lea participates in ethnic tolerance projects and believes that children should learn about diversity at a young age. Lea’s parents wrote a children’s book about acceptance and equality, and Lea illustrated the book cover. No stranger to languages, Lea already speaks four and plans to learn at least one more in the future!

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