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Meet Mahammad. He is from a multicultural town in Azerbaijan where 15 different nationalities are represented. Growing up in such a diverse environment taught Mahammad to be “tolerant, respecting different nationalities, religions, and languages.” Mahammad is interested in participating in Boy Scouts while in the U.S., and also volunteering. His volunteer experience in the U.S. will help him as he plans to initiate volunteer projects when he returns to Azerbaijan. Mahammad often helps his grandmother who is visually impaired and lives with his family. He participates in a number of intellectual competitions with some of his friends, which gives him the opportunity to “meet many intellectual students, get experience in leadership, teamwork, and motivate my teammates.” Mahammad is a strong student with top grades in all of his school courses. In addition to his studies, Mahammad also likes to watch sporting events with his friends, especially soccer. Traveling is one of his passions, and last year he traveled to Istanbul with his mother where he visited many historical sights of interest. Mahammad is very excited to learn about American culture first-hand and be a proud ambassador representing his native country of Azerbaijan while he is in the U.S.

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