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If your family loves animals then you’ll feel right at home with Mariya! Mariya loves taking care of all animals, but especially her pet cat. She says she is “mad about them.” Mariya is also passionate about the outdoors. She loves being out in the fresh air and camping in the woods. Mariya has many hobbies, and her favorite activities are swimming, guitar, piano and reading books. She is open to exploring new things, and hopes to try out for cheerleading while she is in the U.S. In addition to her varied hobbies, Mariya helps her mother out around the house by cleaning and ironing clothes. Mariya plans to be a speech therapist one day so she can help children. She often volunteers at an orphanage with some of her friends. Mariya and her friends also organize events to raise money to purchase food and blankets to distribute to the homeless. She finds volunteering to be very rewarding and she says it has “inspired me to open my heart to everyone who needs some help.” Mariya is looking forward to making new friends in the U.S., learning about American culture, sharing what life is like in Ukraine, and becoming more mature and confident as a result of her exchange experience.

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