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Does your family hope to learn more about Nigeria? Yangmen is eager to share more about his country and culture with you! One of Yangmen’s favorite activities is Boy’s Brigade because it teaches him good morals and has helped him develop his leadership skills. Yangmen loves playing soccer, tennis, and going to the library with his best friend. He is a huge movie buff, especially when it comes to watching sci-fi and other American films. Yangmen is very curious to live in a very different environment in the U.S., meet new people, learn about American culture, and experience different technology that is not present in his community. He is very studious and finds it important to watch the news and keep abreast of current events. In terms of his future career, Yangmen shares, “I hope to become a doctor because I have a passion for humanity, and I hope to be able to take care of sick people in my community. This is important, especially coming from a country that is still in the process of development and needs skills in the medical profession.”

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