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Though this young woman enjoys swimming laps in the pool and hitting a shuttlecock back and forth over a net, Anna’s soul can best be described as that of a creative artist. One of her biggest passions in life is writing. Not only does Anna write for her school’s student newspaper, but she is also an award-winning essayist and a published short story author. Anna finds short story writing to be one of the most enjoyable activities there is because it allows her to express herself and reflect on “interesting events in my life and in the life of my friends or classmates.” When she feels especially inspired, Anna even paints illustrations to add to her stories. Anna’s creativity doesn’t just extend to writing and illustrating, she is also a budding musician. Recently, Anna began to learn to play the guitar. Now, she likes to play and sing songs with her closest friends. Anna is very excited to be traveling to the United States for the first time and cannot wait to visit museums, go sightseeing, and explore a new culture with her future host family.

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