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Azize is always excited by the opportunity to talk to new people, and will be sure to make many new friends in the U.S. She can be a little shy at first, but quickly warms up to others. While she currently attends a boarding school away from home, she loves spending weekends with her mother, and many brothers and sisters. In the summertime, Azize often plays volleyball along with her sisters. She has an artistic edge that shines through in her patch work, and passion for playing the guitar. Her favorite hobby is photography, especially when it comes to photographing fashion. Azize participates in her school’s philosophy and photography clubs, and plans to get involved in many extracurriculars in her host school. She’s curious to try new activities, such as boxing or dancing, to help build her strength. In the future, Azize aspires to become a judge, while simultaneously pursuing her photography. Azize sees the YES program as a great opportunity to develop her character, strengthen her English communication skills, and gain an open mind towards new cultures. To her future host family, Azize shares, “I am sure that I have lots of things to learn from you. You will help to make my dreams come true!”

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