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Does your family enjoy learning about American history and visiting historical sites? Halima frequently travels to new cities in Tunisia with her family to visit significant landmarks and discover more about her country’s past. Not only is she curious about American culture, but Halima also has an interest in Japan. She is active in her school’s manga club and writes about Japanese events in Tunisia for her local newspaper. In terms of sports, she participates in gymnastics and swimming on a weekly basis. Two of Halima’s special artistic talents are drawing and playing the violin. “When I am all by myself, I usually draw what surrounds me, or whatever comes through my mind, because for me it is very soothing and relaxing.” Halima is very open-minded, social, creative, and sets ambitious goals for herself. She dreams about going to outer space in the future as an astronaut for NASA, or alternatively becoming an architect. Halima is excited to teach others about her country and culture while studying in the U.S. on the YES program. She hopes to gain stronger leadership skills and bring them back home to change Tunisia for the better.

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