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Eivile is a great match for a host family with pets! She comes from a family of animal lovers, and takes wonderful care of her cat, dog, and hamster. She considers herself to be very communicative, curious, active, and open-minded. In the wintertime, Eivile goes ice-skating on the lake with her family. She loves spending time outdoors, and frequently goes camping, hiking, and fishing with her friends. On cold, rainy days, they relax indoors while playing board games, card games, and watching movies. One of Eivile’s favorite events is karaoke night. Eivile’s skills include playing the piano, singing, dancing, and creating exquisite artwork. Above all, she likes to spend her time organizing school events as a member of the student school board. This has helped her strengthen her leadership and team-building skills. In terms of the future, Eivile hopes to pursue a degree in international communications. “One of my dreams would be to teach children in Africa, or help animals.” Eivile is beyond excited to study in the U.S. and can’t wait to meet her future hosts.

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