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Ligita looks forward to teaching others about Latvian culture, traditions, and holidays. In return, she’s excited to experience American Halloween and Thanksgiving for the first time this year. Ligita is very social, and loves to try new things. She frequently joins in a friendly sports game with her peers, including everything from soccer and badminton, to volleyball and basketball. Within the past year, she has started to practice karate. Ligita finds it rejuvenating to pick up her guitar and play a few songs with her guitar ensemble. “We joke around with each other and it’s never boring!” Ligita spends as much time outdoors as possible, whether she is gardening with her mom, or going on an adventure with her scouts group. She comes from a large family, and there is always something fun going on. Ligita has fond memories of visiting the zoo, museums, and going ice skating with her brothers when she was growing up. Perhaps her frequent visits to the zoo are what inspired her to consider a future career path related to helping animals. She’s also interested in possibly having a career involving small children, or becoming a journalist. Ligita will be a great addition to any host family.

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