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Meet Aibegim, who goes by Becka.  Aibegim feels people should be creative, curious, and hard-working. One of her favorite hobbies is playing basketball, which she has been doing for two years. She also enjoys debate, as it has taught her to be sociable and more confident. In fact, Aibegim participated in the World Scholar’s Cup using her debate skills. Aibegim would like to learn how to ice skate in the U.S. She likes spending time with her grandparents as they are “energetic and optimistic.” She often helps them plant vegetables and flowers in their garden. She attends a boarding school and is therefore home with her family just two days a week. At first this was very difficult for her, but she now appreciates all of the opportunities her new school can offer such as improving her language skills, trying new sports, and participating in different school competitions. Aibegim can’t wait to make new friends in the U.S. and is “extremely curious about discovering unexpected things about their manners, characteristics, and way of sharing with others.” Aibegim is very close with her mother and younger sister. She is appreciative of her mother’s hard work which allows her to attend a good school, and she is always helping her sister learn new things.

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