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Anastasiya has been dreaming about coming to the U.S. since she was five years old! Her mother teaches kindergarten and her stepfather is self-employed. She is very close with her family and views her mother as an excellent role model who has taught her to be kind, honest, open, and confident. Her stepfather has taught her to be hard-working, independent, and persistent. Anastasiya loves having younger siblings, but would also welcome the chance to have older siblings as well – maybe via older host siblings! Anastasiya says that she and her family “spread love, peace, and support together!” Anastasiya likes to stay active and plays many different kinds of sports. She speaks five languages and feels she learns so much about other cultures and nations by studying their languages. Anastasiya is excited to share her culture with her host family and cook “tasty Ukrainian meals for you.” She is also looking forward to experiencing holidays in the U.S., such as Thanksgiving and Easter. She says to her future host family, “I am 100% sure it will be an unforgettable experience for both of us!”

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