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If you have a problem in need of solving, talk to Ivan! He enjoys studying programming because he gets to put his creative thinking and brainstorming skills to use. A competitor in multiple Olympiads, Ivan appreciates learning about geography, science, and the English language. He also enjoys taking karate lessons after school (though he won’t be using those skills for solving problems!). In addition to playing sports after school and during summer breaks, Ivan aspires to capture life’s biggest moments through the lens of a camera. He enjoys photographing his travels to other towns as well as shots of friends in action. Ivan says, “For me the magic moment is when I catch someone or something on my camera screen and then look at it. Photos bring me back to the moment when the pictures were taken.” Along with an eagerness to learn and explore, Ivan plans on bringing his appetite to America. In his words, “As I’m in love with cooking I would like to taste American dishes, to learn some recipes, and to taste a true hamburger.” If you would like to invite Ivan into your family dinners and home, ask your local coordinator for more information!

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