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Yolande’s endless optimism and radiant smile can brighten anyone’s day. She has a close-knit group of friends who enjoy going out for ice cream, and playing board games together. Gathering in the kitchen to cook delicious Senegalese meals strengthens the bond between Yolande and her mom, sister, and grandmother. Perhaps she will share some recipes with you! “Sometimes we organize activities like visiting new places, spending a day at the beach, or we just stay at home and play quiz games.” As any average teen does, “I love listening to music, and watching movies.” Every week, she heads to the gym to work out. Does your family have any pets? Yolande loves animals, especially dogs. She feels very strongly about helping others, and therefore sees herself becoming a mid-wife in the future. Yolande hopes to develop her leadership skills during her YES exchange year. She’s excited for the opportunity to live with an American family, try different activities, strengthen her English skills, and make new friends.

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