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There is nothing that Elina enjoys more than spending time with family! Together they often visit the Armenian countryside where they like to have a relaxing picnic by the lake. They always talk about their day while having dinner together, or watch a movie before going to sleep. Curious about Armenian cuisine? Elina has learned how to cook family recipes and bake mouth-watering desserts from her grandmother, who she says is very patient with her.

Always one to try new things, Elina and friends never pass up the chance to attend local summer festivals, and exhibitions. After school they will spend time in the park or library together discussing their favorite books. If she has a quiet moment alone, Elina will break out her sketchpad and get lost in her drawings.

When it comes to her personality, Elina shares, “I can say that I’m a flexible, open-minded and independent person. One of my best characteristics is my tolerance. I’m planning to become a business lady in the future. Now it is a dream for me, but I will work hard to make my dream come true. I will help my country to develop and prosper.”

Elina has a lengthy list of goals for her exchange year. “I can’t swim, but I want to learn that activity very much! I’m interested in sports like volleyball and basketball. I can’t do these activities in my country so I hope it will be possible in the U.S.!” Above all, she hopes to develop a strong both with her host family. “We will make each other happy and proud, and we shall make this upcoming year a memorable one together.”


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