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16 years

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Zoya from Armenia considers herself to be very open-minded, creative, and adaptable to new environments. She is a creative young artist, often spending time in nature to get inspiration for her artwork. “My favorite activity is drawing. It gives me internal harmony, and it helps me to forget all negativity and fall into another world where everything is positive.” Playing the piano is also one of her favorite past times, so if your family is musical, Zoya will fit right in.

Zoya stays active by playing basketball and swimming, which are two activities she hopes to continue in her U.S. high school. Do you enjoy occasionally indulging in sweet desserts? Zoya shares, “I like to cook in my free time. I do it with my best friend. We make chocolates in big portions because our school friends always want to eat a lot!” She picked up her culinary skills from her mother, whom she kindly considers to be “the heart of the family.”

Zoya’s teacher shares that she is high-spirited, spontaneous, and has a strong sense of duty that will make her exchange year a worthwhile experience. She’s beyond excited to meet new people, and make friends from across the world. “I believe that every family has its own culture, and also believe that is very dear to the members who have created it.” She looks forward to teaching others about Armenian culture, their delicious food, music, and traditional dancing. Zoya can’t wait to learn more about your family, and join in your traditions this year!

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