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While Khayyam loves playing soccer, volleyball, tennis, and going swimming with friends, he hopes to try new sports in the U.S., like basketball! He enjoys the complexity of solving a good brain-teaser, and helps to arrange intellectual game competitions in his school. Khayyam’s future hosts will be delighted to have a home filled with the vibrant sounds of Azerbaijani folk music during his exchange year. He trains with a music school every weekend, and is eager to share this unique part of his culture with others.

Does your family have any special traditions? Khayyam and his family love spending days at the beach, where they can go swimming in the sea. “As we love traveling, we travel to different parts of the country and explore nature, and meet new people every summer.” Some of their favorite moments are also relaxing at home, while eating popcorn and watching a good sci-fi film.

Khayyam is open-minded and self-motivated. He already possesses strong leadership skills thanks to his weekly Leadership Program trainings. As he is keen on self-improvement, Khayyam finds inspiration is watching TED talks, and using what he’s learned in real-life situations. “Becoming an exchange student and having a year in the U.S. has always been my dream since my childhood, and so I am so excited that it can happen this year. I’m curious about getting to know you, your country, history, and lifestyle!”


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