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17 years
Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Alma

Passionate about her culture, Alma participates in national dancing and folklore. She says it allows her to “connect with past society and generations that lived in my country before me.” Folklore is something her mother did as a young girl, as well, and Alma is carrying on the tradition while also travelling to new places to learn other traditional dances. So the question is- who’s ready to teach Alma the Macarena or the Electric Slide?

Alma from Bosnia and Herzegovina can’t wait to prepare you her favorite foods! When asked what characteristic will make her a great exchange student, Alma writes: “I love to cook and I know I could prepare my host family a lot of my country’s traditional meals!” Alma is an extrovert, and has many things she wants to try in America. Does your family like sports? Alma has been a gymnast, a swimmer, and a runner, but also loves to play volleyball, soccer, and ride bikes. She’s interested in trying out for cross country here in the U.S., but she thinks cheerleading would be interesting, too. If you live in a cold climate, don’t worry- Alma has grown up in the mountains but has never gone skiing, and would love to try it out!

Alma is also a budding photographer- she says she loves taking photos and editing them. Alma shares: “Taking photos and filming has always been interesting for me…I take photos for my school when we have some championships, or if we have shows at school.” Get ready for some amazing new family portraits when you host Alma!

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An accomplished student, Alma’s teacher reports she “is resourceful and energetic,” and “she has proven to be a hardworking student.” 

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