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17 years

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Alex is open-minded, communicative, and eager to try new things. When he’s not performing in his school plays, he can typically be found off-stage with his fellow theatre club members, as they’ve become somewhat of a second family for him. Alex has even performed plays in German! “Theatre club gave me the opportunity to meet new people, and develop myself. My first appearance in a play was such an unforgettable experience!”

A few of his other interests include photography, debate club, painting, traveling, and studying German. Last summer he went on a short-term youth exchange to the Czech Republic. “I was really looking forward to meeting new people from different countries.”  During his YES year, he plans to be an exemplary youth ambassador from Bulgaria, and teach others about his culture.  Does your family have any special talents to share with Alex? Alex is excited for the chance to engage in new experiences in the U.S., such as playing a new sport, taking different academic subjects, being part of a cheering crowd at an American football game, or perhaps learning to play a musical instrument.

Making new friends comes very naturally to Alex, and he intends to befriend as many classmates in his U.S. high school as possible. To his host family, Alex wants to share: “I’m looking forward to finding out more about your culture and America as a whole. I’m sure that I will spend one great year with you and it will be very interesting for me to join your family!”

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