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16 years

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Fatima from India can’t wait for her exchange year; she says: “I have always wanted to know about foreign cultures and traditions, and also spread knowledge about India’s people, culture, traditions, and diversity.” A budding entrepreneur, Fatima wants to be a fashion designer when she goes to university- she might help you design a brand new wardrobe!

When she’s with her friends, Fatima enjoys playing sports like volleyball or studying together. Fatima hopes to continue to play volleyball while she’s here in the U.S. She says volleyball “helps me to relax and get a change from my regular activities!” Fatima also loves to go for bike rides, which she often does in the evening after she’s finished with school and studying.

If your family likes to settle down with a good book, Fatima will fit right in. Her favorite books right now are mystery novels. Fatima hopes to join a book club in while in the U.S. She says: “Reading books is not only one of my favorite activities bit it also gives me pleasure and helps to increase my knowledge of various fields.” She also loves arts and crafts, so she’ll feel right at home if your family enjoys crafting. Fatima can’t wait to meet you and your family on her exchange year!

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