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17 years

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Edona’s personality makes her a great fit for many families- she values time to bond with friends and family, but also appreciates time to do activities on her own. A linguist at heart, Edona loves learning languages and participates in her school’s English and German clubs. Edona loves the written word, and one of her favorite hobbies is to take inspirational quotes, song lyrics, or her own writing and make posters out of them. Does your family constantly make pop culture references? Edona will fit right in, since she loves going to the movies and listening to music; one of her favorite past times is watching “old movies” with her family. When asked what she might like to try in the U.S., Edona mentioned she’s curious to play the piano!

Edona is a very mature young lady, and notes: “As a teenager I think you spend a lot of time trying to find groups to fit into. But for me, what’s important is trying tons of things that make me happy…I strongly believe that you can learn something from every person and each has their own story to tell.”

A straight A student, Edona understands how important her education is to her future. She shares: “I was raised by a family that taught me to never take education for granted. So I’m very thankful I get the chance to learn every day.” Her teachers think she’s great too; they note Edona is “a very open-minded girl” and “an excellent student.”

Best of all? Edona is already working on her American expressions! She writes: “Hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet y’all soon!”

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