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“Hi, my name is Kanita, and my friends call me Kana!” Kanita says that she can be best described as a humanitarian, expressive, extroverted, positive person. “My interests are mainly focused on art, such as drawing, writing, and going to the theater. I am currently writing my first book of poetry.” Kanita is an active volunteer in her community. She makes time for weekly visits to the local elderly home, where she spreads joy by playing chess, sports, dancing, and having thoughtful conversations. She’s amazing with young kids as well and regularly volunteers at a kindergarten!

Does your family have any pets? Kanita dreams of having a cat to call her own! Kanita is someone who truly seizes the moment. If she’s not heading out on a ski trip with her family, then she may be playing basketball or volleyball at the gym with her friends. More recently, she has taken up yoga.

Kanita aspires to be more like her mother in the future. “I’m proud to say that besides her being a professor, [my mom] is also a volunteer, activist, youth worker, and a good person. Since I’m very fond of the arts, my dream is to publish children’s books. I’m also interested in psychology and I like to know about people’s personalities.” During her exchange year, Kanita is eager to experience American holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Her Montenegrin family has started their own Halloween celebrations, and she’s curious to participate in her host family’s traditions. 

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