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Jacob Andrew

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16 years

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Does your family have any special traditions? Jacob(who goes by Jac, pronounced like “Jake”)  finds that he bonds most with his mom and brother when they go out for special dinners, and watch movies together. There is truly never a dull moment in Jacob’s life, as he loves seeking out new activites for himself. “I like to do a lot of stuff! One of them is trying to learn how to play different instrments. For now, I know a little bit of ukelele and recorder. I also love to write short stories to pass the time.”

Jac’s time spent with friends often leads to fascinating conversations about their many interests, including current events, art, and entertainment, and then transitions to group sing-alongs and board game nights. Jac would be a great match for a host family that spends time outdoors! In terms of school groups, he is always the first to sign up for coastal clean-ups, moutain trekking, and environmental camps. “Activities that revolve around community service are my favorite because it benefits both the community and me. Helping people in need and tutoring programs are activities [that I like] too because I enjoy helping others and sharing what I can.” Jacob is also an active member of the Debate team, speech choir, and joins leadership and peer-counselling trainings to better-develop his skills.When asked what he’s most looking forward to during his YES year, Jacob shared “I would like to experience Halloween or Thanksgiving in the U.S. I also want to join speech choir, camping, cycling, mountain trekking, or dancing.” Upon further reflection, he’s really open to anything and everything that his host family and new friends would like to share with him!

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