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With her positive attitude and eternal optimism, Sarah from the Philippines will be a great addition to any host family! “I’m a person who keeps on smiling, because I really believe that smiling is the best remedy for stress.” She considers herself to be a determined, open-minded, and flexible individual. Sarah is very family-oriented, and can often be found having a picnic on the beach with her mom and dad. She’s a true social butterfly who surrounds herself with a group of supportive friends.

“As a teen, the things that interest me are singing, and dancing!” She also enjoys playing a casual game of badminton with friends, and giving back to her community with her Girl Scout troop. “As youth in our community, I believe that we don’t have just rights, but duties. I strongly believe that we cannot build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” In the U.S., Sarah is really interested to try school activities like journalism, performing arts, and opportunities where she can showcase her leadership abilities like Student Council.

Sarah sees herself as becoming a pharmacist in the future, and supporting her parents and her sister’s schooling. Participating in the YES program is an opportunity that she considers to be a big step forward in her personal development. To her host family, Sarah shares, “I believe that I will learn a lot from you, especially about your culture, and I’m also ready to share my culture and traditions with you!”

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