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16 years

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Anna considers herself to be a very athletic person and stays active by practicing modern dance, swimming, running, and riding her bicycle. She comes from a small town in Ukraine and feels like the lifestyle really suits her. “In summer we enjoy having a rest near the lake. We swim, sunbathe, go boating, cook, barbeque, and try to teach my mom how to swim every year. It’s real fun!” Anna loves when she and her parents spend the holidays at her aunt’s place in a major city. The opportunity to attend concerts, see fireworks, and beautiful light displays in the city really excites her.Watching movies with friends is one of Anna’s favorite pastimes. They often get together for sleepover parties where they cook, tell stories, and stay up late stargazing on the balcony. In her spare time, Anna enjoys reading fantasy novels. The Harry Potter series is one of her favorites. “I would like to have a job that is connected to communication with people, for example journalism. I am interested in learning about culture, foreign languages, and history.” She is a member of her school’s journalism club and hopes to report back on what it is like to be a foreign exchange student. Anna looks forward to trying new activities in the U.S., especially acting and volunteering.

Does your family have any pets? Anna takes excellent care of her cat and dog. To help her future host family get to know her, Anna wants to share a few fun facts about herself, which include “I speak very quickly! I sing when I’m scared. I really like giving hugs, and I love children.”

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