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16 years

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Meet Khadija – a science whiz from Tanzania! She loves the challenge of solving a complex physics problem, and hopes to become a surgeon in the future. In her free time, she enjoys quiet moments at the beach, or going on adventures to rural areas with her mom, where they can appreciate nature, and observe different plants and animals.  Khadija considers herself to be self-confident, open-minded, and enjoys meeting new people. She enjoys playing soccer and bicycling with her siblings to keep active. While she’s in the U.S., Khadija hopes to try new sports, including volleyball and basketball.

“My interests are reading storybooks, and watching Indian TV series on the weekends.” She especially enjoys reading English novels, so she can learn new phrases, and watching the news and listening to the radio to keep abreast of current events. Is your family curious to try some Tanzanian cuisine? Khadija is a natural in the kitchen and would be happy to prepare a few of her favorite dishes for her new host family and friends to try!

Khadija looks forward to learning about the American system of education, government, and different cultural values. After she returns to Tanzania, she plans to spread her knowledge by leading a course for her peers on her experiences abroad. “I will be able to help my fellow students and my society, and therefore help my country to develop. [It’s] not only me, my family, and my country who will benefit from this exchange program, but also the family in which I’ll be living in America will also get to know many things about us Tanzanians!”

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