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Emmanuel has so many different interest that he’s excited to continue during his exchange year in America! A musician at heart, Emmanuel loves to play his guitar and sing during his free time, which he says is “soothing.”

When he’s not making music, Emmanuel might be found working with computers. He says: “Computers are like toys to me. I like technology!” It’s no surprise he wants to be a software engineer when he starts his career. Emmanuel’s friends are also technologically-minded, so when they’re not involved in activities like sports, they like to talk about inventing. He’s excited to make some new friends here; he notes: “I love making new friends and I want to make some American friends!”

If your family has a competitive streak (game nights, anyone?), Emmanuel will fit right in! Emmanuel says he is most excited to participate in activities like singing in choir and musical competitions, but he’d also like to try a “quiz competition” while he’s in the U.S.

Emmanuel wants his new host family to know that his distinguishing qualities are his ability to adjust, to be cooperative and mature, and “to be content with limited resources.” He’s very excited to share his background with you and your family, and learn more about America in the process!

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