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17 years

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If your family can often be found doing community service, Husnoro from Tajikistan will fit right in with you! Husnoro stays very busy with various volunteering clubs- her favorites include helping other students learn English and organizing “colorful activities.” Husnoro says: “I prefer to accomplish such community services with groups of people and I am fond of teamwork.” She’s excited to try some new volunteering activities in the U.S.

Husnoro can’t wait to share her unique culture with the American she meets. She’s already to leader of a Culture and Traditions Revivial Club in Tajikistan, a volunteer group that does cultural ehibitions, performaces, showcases, and role plays to teach others about the cultural of the rural area where she’s from.

When she’s not busy with other activities, Husnoro loves spending time with friends, whether they’re swimming, cooking together, or going to concerts. She can also be found listening to music, sewing, reading, painting, or going for runs by herself or with others.

Husnoro has big plans for her future, and her year in the U.S. is just the start. She’s interested in learning more about equality and human rights during her exchange year, and she says: “When I return back home, I want to empower local women and girls to study and stand for their rights.”

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