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17 years

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A creative soul, Nadeen loves writing short stories and articles, singing, and reading novels. Most of all, though, she loves painting and drawing, which she believes will help her in her future career goals as an architect. She explains: “When my painting is about to be done and I remember the first line I added to the drawing paper, I feel proud of myself.”

Nadeen wants her future family to know that if they have pets, she is a big fan—especially of dogs! She also can’t wait to try many new things in the U.S. like clubs and volunteering. She adds: “I wish to try different activities with my host family, have good memories together during my stay, and to get their love, support, and respect. I promise to be a good daughter, too!”Nadeen from Egypt can’t wait to meet her host family. She says: “I’m really excited to be an exchange student and to have good times with you…I’m very thrilled about this experience!” Nadeen and her family like to travel locally together on holidays and on the weekends; her family goes to the coast every summer to swim in the sea, snorkel, visit historical places, and spend time on the beach. She can’t wait to see your community and explore the local sites with you and your family!

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