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15 years

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If Rahaf from Jordan is asked about her favorite activity, she’ll tell you she loves to read! She feels that reading has allowed her to discover new places and cultures and helped her change as a person. If your family includes some readers or if you take lots of trips to the library, Rahaf will fit right in!

But don’t worry if your family loves to be active and explore- Rahaf can’t wait to meet her new American family and learn all about your community. She’s especially interested to try hiking, and if she’s in a colder area, she would love to learn to ski! Rahaf says: “I love to try new things, and I love visiting new places, although I haven’t visited a lot.”

Rahaf is very driven and wants to be a diplomat when she’s older. She’s hoping to learn at least four languages and be able to spread peace among nations. Rahaf is most excited for her very first diplomatic assignment…as a student ambassador with your family!

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