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17 years

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Erica hopes that her year in the United States will help develop her as a leader, so that when she returns to Mozambique after her year abroad she will be accepted to university. She says: “Well I have a lot of plans for my future and career, but my main future plans are to finish high school, go to university, and work for a charity volunteer organization to help children and teenagers, and be an inspiration for others!” Erica can’t wait to meet you and start her exchange year abroad!

Erica loves spending time with her family and friends, and she can’t wait to meet her new “family” and friends when she arrives to the U.S.! Erica loves to help her mother plan meals and go grocery shopping because some of her favorite time with her family is when they have a chance to talk about their day at dinner.

With her friends, Erica enjoys going to the movies or the park, where she and her friends like to go for walks and play sports. They also go swimming together at the local beach. Erica’s favorite activity also takes place at the beach- she loves to watch kite surfers!

When she gets to the U.S., Erica can’t wait to try new sports, visit new places, and try new things with your family. She says she especially want to go hiking in the mountains, see a local or state fair, visit American museums, and just “have fun!”

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