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16 years
West Bank

About Aya

Aya describes herself as the kind of person who likes to try new things and feels that there is no one hobby that defines her. From attending orchestra or dabka (a traditional dance) performances with her sisters to spending time with friends who have varied interests from painting to sports, Aya loves to surround herself with people who are “strong and optimistic” and are just as passionate about exploring new activities!

When she needs some downtime, Aya is a voracious reader who can be found with her favorite Agatha Christie mystery novel. She aspires to be a writer and says “I love the fact that stories, history, adventures are all locked in letters and words.” In fact, she is currently working on her first short novel!

One of her other favorite activities is volunteering at the library. She loves having the freedom to do creative tasks like painting trees in the library garden and using her imagination. Aya also enjoys that volunteering gives her an opportunity to spend time with her friends.

Aya wants you to know that she sees her exchange year as an opportunity to expand her worldview and learn about other cultures. She says: “I think the YES Program will provide me a new experience that is filled with beautiful memories and new friendships, and hopefully new aims in life.”

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