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16 years

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Do you love discussing current events and engaging in debates? Ayesha has mastered the common fear of public speaking, and now it’s one of her favorite activities! She takes extra debate coaching classes and has even placed third in a debate competition. She says: “When I first joined these classes, I lacked confidence. However, in the end I gained a lot ... we were able to express ourselves without being judged.” Although she’s not entirely decided on a future career, she hopes it involves public speaking or activism of some kind.

Ayesha has an adventurous spirit and loves spending time with her friends exploring the outdoors or visiting historical monuments. Other times, you’ll find them inside cooking and dancing. What’s most important to Ayesha is the chance to spend time together.

She wants her host family to know one important thing: “I love animals a lot. In fact, I have cats of my own.” She’s also looking forward to trying new activities in the U.S. or continuing some of her favorites like swimming or debate at her U.S. high school. Above all, she wants to spend quality time with her host family as much as possible!

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