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16 years

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Cagla credits her parents for instilling in her important values like responsibility. She describes her mother as “a really funny woman,” and this balances out her father, whom she says is more “serious.” But her father has also taught her a lot of things, and she values his hard-working nature. She also loves spending time with her older sister, whom she says people sometimes mistake for her twin. They have a lot in common from drawing to their love of animals, especially dogs. Cagla also loves seeing her 10-year-old little sister, who is full of energy.

Although Cagla misses her family while she’s away at school, she’s made the most of her time living in a dormitory by being outgoing and making new friends. When she’s not playing volleyball, she loves to run and watch sports like basketball, soccer, or badminton. She and her friends also love to play music and sing together to unwind after attending lessons. When she’s not with friends, she can be found reading or drawing. She says drawing is her favorite activity because “when I draw, it’s relaxing and I can empty my mind.”

She has discovered a new passion after getting the opportunity to visit an astronomer. She is inspired to be a pilot or astronaut, and she thinks it is important to do well in school and go to a good university.

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