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Carl Morel

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16 years

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Carl Morel would be a great fit for a family interested in the medical profession because his biggest dream is going to medical school and becoming a doctor. He wants to help those who are less fortunate because there is a shortage of medical facilities and trained doctors. He says: “I hope I will be able to help my country…and contribute to the well-being of my fellow compatriots.”

He lives in a city populated by both Muslims and Christians, and he has amassed a small but close group of friends whom he describes as “generous and kind…they always want me to give the best of myself.” Together, they love going to restaurants and movies or exploring tourist sites. His main passion, though, is soccer. This is due to his father, who also loves to play: “[My father] said that I was a good player… His encouragement and compliments made me proud. Ever since, playing soccer is my favorite activity.”

Carl Morel feels that religion is important to him because it has helped him develop into a good person. He goes to church most Sundays. He also wants his host family to know that he is looking forward to trying new activities in the U.S. like tennis or visiting museums. He hopes his exchange experience helps him continue to evolve and says, “I am interested in journeys and discoveries.”

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