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16 years

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Growing up, Elissa dreamed of being a professional tango dancer. She has been taking tango lessons since she was young, and it is her favorite activity. Her hard work has paid off—she has participated in numerous dance contests and won first place in school competitions three years in a row!

Although dance may take up part of her time, Elissa loves nothing more than spending time with her friends and family. Whether they’re shopping at the nearby mall, trying new restaurants, or staying up all night talking during sleepovers or after school, what’s most important to her is that they’re together. To her future host family, she says: “I’m glad and honored to live those ten months with you. I have no problem spending a lot of time with you because I’m the kind of person who loves to exchange quality time with my family.

While Elissa is still deciding her major in university and her future career, she takes her studies seriously. She is open to trying new things; Elissa is particularly interested in trying a new sport like swimming. Whatever she’s doing, though, she hopes to create new memories with her American friends and family!

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