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15 years
West Bank

About Diana

Diana considers herself “a really social girl who loves to communicate and help others.” This has helped her make a lot of close friends, including her best friend who provided a lot of support when Diana’s parents first divorced. Together, they love to watch anime, read manga, listen to Korean pop music, watch Asian TV dramas, and learn about Asian culture.

When she’s not with her friends, Diana spends time with her family playing board games and card games. She especially loves playing a game called shadah with her grandparents while listening to them tell stories about their lives. She says: “I love it; it makes my heart warm, and it’s helpful in my life actually, because I learn from their experiences in life.”

Do you have any pets? Diana loves animals, especially dogs and cats. Her pet cat, whom she had for 12 years, kept her company when she lived alone with her mother, and she still misses him. She would love to play with any of your pets because she says, “I love taking care of things.” This includes the important people in her life. She wants to learn to play piano, but she says she is waiting until she can pay for it herself because she doesn’t want her mother to have to pay. Above all, Diana says: “I’m a girl who tries her best to make people laugh, because if you laugh and have good vibes everything in life will change to better.”


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