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17 years

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Jamilatu from Ghana is an incredibly academically motivated young lady, and in the future she hopes to become a doctor. To achieve this goal, she spends a lot of time reading and enjoys being in her school’s laboratory. Jamilatu says: “I hope to have my own hospital so I can treat the less priviledged for free. For this reason I know I have to take my studies seriously in order to live my dream someday.” She loves to inspire others to learn, including her four younger siblings and friends, whom she teaches how to read in her free time. 

Jamilatu still loves to go outside and play. Her favorite activity is jumping rope, which she calls “skipping.” Jamilatu loves that all she needs to do this is a long rope and plenty of space, and she finds it relaxing because she’s not being timed by a coach. Jamilatu also spends her free time with her mother, a seamstress, who has been teaching her to sew and weave. Also an avid reader, Jamilatu says: “I enjoy siting under a tree in front of our house where the wind blows while I read.”

Jamilatu has never owned pets or met a dog before, so she’s not sure how she would feel in a family with dogs, but she thinks she might like cats. In addition to meeting her new family, Jamilatu says she would love to visit the local “educational and recreational” sites in your community and learn more about American culture.

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