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17 years

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If your family is involved with Boy or Girl Scouts, Rama from Indonesia will fit right in! One of Rama’s favorite activities is scouting, esepcially camping. He says: “We can set up the tent together, explore many interesting places and things around the campground, and then we make a fire together and sing songs.” Rama says scouting has taught him how to be respectful of different people, how to be independent, and how to be a leader.

When he’s not exploring the wilderness with his friends, Rama’s other main passion is soccer. His soccer heroes are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and he loves the sport because it allows him to keep healthy while spending time with friends. Their other favorite sports are basketball, badminton, and cycling.

Rama has big plans for his future; he says: “I want to be the success man, the man who can help other people.” To do this, he would like to become Director of the World Bank, because he believes that if an economy is stable, a country will prosper. In the meantime, Rama can’t wait to learn all about America during his school year. He says his friends call him “Curious Man” because he’s always trying to learn something new. He hopes that your family will have a lot to teach him about the U.S., and he can’t wait to share his culture with you and your family in return!

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