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Romana always surrounds herself with positive friends who love to spend time together, and to give back to their community. “On the weekend, we like to organize small parties during which we watch films, talk, and play different board games. We have an NGO for teenagers where we make projects and try to implement them in our community. It’s a powerful thing that unites us – the desire to see changes something in the world, beginning with our society.” She’s curious to see how volunteering in the U.S. will be different from in Moldova.

While she is in the U.S., Romana hopes to join her high school’s drama club. She loves to act in her local theatre club, and has participated in several Christmas plays, and children’s comedies.  In the future, she aspires to become an English teacher, and already has some experience under her belt, as she is a teaching assistant for ACCESS scholarship participants. Romana also dreams about writing a book someday.

Romana considers herself to be very open to new experiences. “If we want to change our world, we have to change, first of all, our minds, thoughts, and actions.” Having meaningful family relationships is something that Romana strongly values. About her natural family, she shares: “We are a united family and we like to spend time together. We [love to] gather together and play different games outside, go for a walk, or have a picnic.” She hopes to consider her host family like a true second family, and create memories that she will cherish forever! 

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